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Transform Your Gym Experience with LED Cubes

Transform your gym's atmosphere with LED Cubes. Our sleek, ceiling-hung displays enhance your space with dynamic ads, concession specials, and promotional content, all without taking up any floor space. Ideal for engaging members and unlocking new revenue opportunities, LED Cubes represent the cutting edge of gym ambiance and efficiency.

Elevate Your Brand

Functionality You Will Love


Amplify Brand Promotions

LED Cubes offer an innovative platform to showcase your gym's brand promotions. Whether it's highlighting membership deals, upcoming fitness challenges, or new class launches, these vibrant displays capture members' attention, driving increased participation and sign-ups. Strategically promote your services right where your members are most engaged - working out.


Showcase Success Stories

Celebrate your members' achievements with LED Cubes. Highlight transformation journeys, personal bests, or member spotlights, creating a culture of recognition and encouragement. This not only boosts member morale but also showcases the effectiveness of your gym, attracting potential new members.


Enhance Member Experience

Elevate the workout environment with LED Cubes by displaying motivational quotes, fitness tips, and health-related information. These engaging visuals not only inspire members during their workout but also provide valuable insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle, fostering a supportive and informative gym community.


Generate Additional Revenue

Maximize your gym's earning potential with LED Cubes by displaying sponsored ads and collaborative promotions. This opens up a lucrative avenue for additional revenue, as businesses related to fitness, nutrition, and wellness seek to connect with your health-conscious clientele. It's an effective way to monetize your gym space while providing members with relevant and valuable offers.

Elevate Your Brand

Unmatched Visibility

With five dynamic screens suspended from the ceiling, ensure your message dominates the space, capturing attention from every direction.

Cloud-Based Control

Harness the power of our cloud-based app, allowing real-time content updates and scheduling from anywhere, offering advertisers maximum versatility.

Cube Phone Mockup.png

Seamless Integration

Adaptable to any venue, from bustling stadiums to serene art galleries, our LED Cubes amplify your brand presence without overwhelming the ambiance.

Monetize Your Landscape

Transform existing spaces into lucrative advertising hotspots, unlocking new revenue streams and maximizing ROI.

Apply for Financing

For as low as 549.00/month

Unlock flexible financing tailored to your needs with our simple application process. Benefit from competitive rates, swift approvals, and adaptable terms to bring an LED into your business or home.

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