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Advertising Space

Suspended Brilliance: Captivate, Engage, and Impress from Every Angle.

Elevate Your Brand

Unmatched Visibility

With five dynamic screens suspended from the ceiling, ensure your message dominates the space, capturing attention from every direction.

Cloud-Based Control

Harness the power of our cloud-based app, allowing real-time content updates and scheduling from anywhere, offering advertisers maximum versatility.

Cube Phone Mockup.png

Seamless Integration

Adaptable to any venue, from bustling stadiums to serene art galleries, our LED Cubes amplify your brand presence without overwhelming the ambiance.

Monetize Your Landscape

Transform existing spaces into lucrative advertising hotspots, unlocking new revenue streams and maximizing ROI.

Apply for Financing

For as low as 549.00/month

Unlock flexible financing tailored to your needs with our simple application process. Benefit from competitive rates, swift approvals, and adaptable terms to bring an LED into your business or home.

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